Maternal Rights

Maternal Rights Exist. Let’s Embrace Them

Pregnancy and birth should be a healthy and positive experience for all. We believe in a world where mothers and their children receive the best care and support possible by default. In Europe, this is not the case.


By giving a voice to mothers and parents to share their experiences, and by providing a platform for specialists in maternal care to come together, Safe Motherhood Week tells it as it is.

Understanding and communicating the existing gap in maternal care are necessary to ensure that maternal rights are embraced.

Maternal Rights

Each and every pregnancy and birth is unique, however we believe that certain conditions and approaches should be equal across the board.
  • The right of all mothers and their children to have access to the same high quality of care, regardless of their nationality, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or immigrant status
  • The right to have a pregnancy and birth that is a healthy and positive experience for the mother and her child
  • The right for the early years of life to be the best possible start for the mental and physical health of both mother and child in a healthy, supportive environment
  • Women’s dignity should be respected
  • Women’s right to privacy should be respected
  • Women’s wishes for how and where births should take place should be respected

Safe Motherhood Week wants to establish a charter on maternal rights to be shared and implemented throughout Europe.