The Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative aims to address the lack of information available about the effects of medical treatment (or lack thereof) during pregnancy. 

Why we believe in Safe Motherhood Week

We support Safe Motherhood Week because we believe pregnant women/future mothers should be able to make informed decisions about their and their baby’s health and have access to adapted, state-of-the art medical care when they need it.
Pregnant women with a medical condition – whether chronic or acute – have little information available about their various treatment options and their potential impact on their own health and their baby’s. They often face the difficult choice of foregoing treatment or terminating their pregnancy because of the uncertainty. Our organization wants to help future mothers who are facing these challenges to find an expert opinion and evidenced-based information that will support them in making an informed decision. 

Our organisation is raising awareness about the lack of information available on the effects of medical treatments during pregnancy on the mother’s health and the child’s development. We are acting as a hub of information on the available data and latest findings in the field. We are advocating for more systemized collection of data about these effects, but also about the implications of not treating a disease during pregnancy. And we are taking an active role in helping develop tools that will help address this information gap.