Your story counts

Becoming a mom has been amazing but also very stressful and terrifying sometimes, especially as an expat with no family nearby. Gina had serious jaundice and had 16 hours of light therapy. She had no appetite and lost a lot of weight. Luckily French maternal care is superb and we stayed in hospital for a week with doctors, midwives and nurses available 24/7. I had a call button by my bed so I could call the nurse in the middle of the night if I didn't know what to do (all the time!). I had a private room and they taught us how to do everything. By the time we went home we were confident we could make it. When I hear my friends' experiences in the UK and US, who are sent home after a day, I'm amazed what they put up with. We can do so much better people! Thank you to doctors, midwives and nurses who care. Let's #MakeMotherhoodCount !

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