Healthy mothers and babies mean healthy societies.


Safe Motherhood Week Europe is the first annual happening of its kind that focuses on improving maternal care in Europe.

Now in its second year, our diverse group of partners has been working to highlight safe motherhood as a collective issue, one that we all have a role to play in.

Building on last year’s theme of “Embrace maternal rights”, our campaign message this year is “Motherhood shapes our future. We all have the power to make it safe.”

What do we envision?

A Europe where everyone can access and take full advantage of the best quality of maternal care before, during and after pregnancy. We aim to achieve this by raising awareness, empowering women and families, and developing practical solutions to improve care for mothers and parents.

Established in 2015, Safe Motherhood Week was launched by The Synergist to enable creative outreach and engagement with the public in Europe and beyond as part of its broader #SafeMotherhood Programme.

It is now supported by organizations including

  • The Synergist is a societal enterprise incubator of people­-public-­private partnerships, a non profit organization that offers a new approach to solving social issues, by bringing together diverse stakeholders to build shared value and to drive real change. We believe that creating ​shared value ​and addressing the common causes that link key concerns is what leads to greater results. And we partner with corporations, influencers, experts, academics, individuals, medical professionals, patients, and NGOs who share the same philosophy.
  • Editorial Board

    The editorial board is responsible for the editorial policy of Safe Motherhood Week. This involves planning, creating, and editing content, and setting the tone for publications. The members of the editorial board contribute on a voluntary basis.
    • Sinead O’Laoire
      Editor, Safe Motherhood Week
    • Neil Datta
      Secretary, European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development
    • Caroline de Bie
      Programs Manager, Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative
    • Agnes Uhereczky
      Director, COFACE (Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union)

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