What is the Motherhood Moment that shaped you?


What support did you need and who helped you the most – was it the doctor, or the midwife, or a family member?

Whether you want to express gratitude for that special someone, or highlight a problem you struggled with, we’d love to hear it.

Motherhood shapes our future. We all have the power to make it safe.

There is no one definition of motherhood, and no easy way to solve all the issues associated with motherhood in our society. At Safe Motherhood Week, we are working to ensure everyone’s motherhood experience is a safe and positive one. Yet according to our report last year, 94% of women surveyed did not have a trouble-free pregnancy experience.

Why your photo will #MakeMotherhoodCount

Together with you we want to illustrate that we all have the power to make motherhood safe, whether it is the doctor, the midwife, the friend, the husband, or simply the person sitting next to us.

Your powerful stories of motherhood will be collected and published in the first international motherhood book, to be launched on International Women’s Day 2018.

The more responses we collect, the closer we get to showing the reality of motherhood with no filter.