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Thank you for your support and interest in Safe Motherhood Week! We are happy to respond to any questions or requests you may have, so please don’t hesitate to send us a message below. We will respond to you timely.

About The Synergist

The Synergist is a societal enterprise incubator of people-public-private partnerships, a nonprofit organization that offers a new approach to solving social issues, by bringing together diverse stakeholders to build shared value and to drive real change. We believe that creating shared value and addressing the common causes that link key concerns is what leads to greater results. And we partner with corporations, influencers, experts, academics, individuals, medical professionals, patients, and NGOs who share the same philosophy.

We act as an incubator and lead various projects including implementation of strategy, management, communication, technical development and fundraising.

To learn more about our activities, please refer to our annual report:

The Synergist

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