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#SafeMotherhoodWeek is challenging you to share your motherhood experience in a single frame. Whether you are the mother, the father, the doctor or the midwife, we want to see how you capture the power of motherhood We are asking you to #MakeMotherhoodCount, because your experience can help someone today.

  • Every year almost 300,000 women will die during pregnancy, childbirth or soon after
  • The maternal mortality rate rose by nearly 27 percent between 2000 and 2014 in the United States
  • 53 million women still have no care at all at the time of delivery
  • 50% of all child deaths occur during the first month of life
  • 81% of mothers surveyed said they had experienced a problem with their mental health

The journey to motherhood can be a roller-coaster ride. Let us know what your ups and downs were. Upload your photo with a short caption on your profile using #MakeMotherhoodCount and we’ll share it further. Your story counts.

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Let your lens carry you through motherhood’s high and lows – and allow your photos to live on as a helpful message for others. Let your #MakeMotherhoodCount images celebrate the many faces of motherhood and the lessons you’ve learned first-hand. Choose the right social media platform for you and let’s #MakeMotherhoodCount, one photo at a time.

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