Elena Bonfiglioli

Elena Bonfiglioli

“Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization to achieve more” comes to life in our support to the Safe Motherhood Week and initiative.  Technology democratizes access to care, it makes a difference in the way women can be screened remotely, the way they monitor their health and the health of their babies.  Technology transforms the way they can access medical expertise breaking down barriers such as physical ability, country of origin, distance, language or education.”

Elena Bonfiglioli leads Microsoft’s Health Industry across Europe, Middle East and Africa. She oversees sales, business development, partner strategy and engagement across public health, social services, providers and payors in the cure and care markets. In her 5 years of leadership in the industry, Elena kicked off several initiatives to accelerate the transformation of the Health sector. Last year she championed the launch of the Cloud in Health Advisory Council and the launch of four Recommendations to adopt a Cloud-First approach to health innovation in Europe.

In December 2012, she spearheaded the launch of the eHealth Manifesto for a healthier Europe. The eHealth Manifesto represents a milestone in Microsoft’s efforts to position eHealth solutions as an asset to European competitiveness and growth. The Manifesto received broad political endorsement and support by a coalition of industry partners including Intel, Polycom, Avanade, CGI, thus, de facto becoming an industry-wide position of advocacy for the sustainability of health systems through IT innovation. Prior to this role, Ms. Bonfiglioli was a Director in Microsoft’s Government and External Affairs’ team.

Elena Bonfiglioli is the co-founder and Board Member of the Women in Leadership (WiL) Network, a joint effort between Microsoft, INSEAD, the Women Forum and France Telecom-Orange. Within the WiL Network, she recently led the creation and development of the Women Talent Pool, a program of the WiL aiming to nurture emerging women leaders www.wileurope.org.