An issues-based coalition in formation aiming to ensure that policies are in place in Europe so all women have equitable access to quality maternal health care regardless of ethnic background, nationality or socio-economic status.

The Alliance for Maternal Health Equality works to ensure that all women, regardless of their nationality, background or socio-economic status, have equitable access to high quality maternal health care. Bringing together a core group of partnering EU-level, international, and national public, private and civil society organisations as well as policy makers and health care professionals, its goal is to raise the issue of maternal health equity and permanently place it on the map of Europe.

The Alliance for Maternal Health Equality is part of the Safe Motherhood Week, sharing the common goal of improving access and delivery of maternal healthcare for all women. Together, we hope we may shine a light on the gaps in access to care, medicines and health literacy, straining further the already existing connection between maternal mortality and health inequities. Taking a policy-oriented focus, we hope that as part of Safe Motherhood Week, we will increase the visibility of the issues at stake, facilitating the dialogue around the much-needed change all mothers await.

In the course of its work, the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality focuses on three main priorities:

  • Calling for access to maternal healthcare for all, especially in fringe cases of minority and migrant mothers
  • Advocating for policies that facilitate a more favourable social environment, female empowerment and informed decisions on motherhood
  • Focusing on real-life evidence, therefore going beyond policies: ensuring that there are clear statistics, demonstrating the need for change within the sphere of maternal health equity