“We’re living in a half-changed world, where we’re expected to do our jobs as if we don’t have families, and raise our families as if we don’t have jobs.”, says author and mother Katrina Alcorn.
We tend to talk more about dads and policy makers’ involvement, but how can employers lean in to parenting too? 
Having jobs that are compatible with our family life is key. In this TEDx video, Katrina urges us to shift the focus from women to society as a whole and lean in to parenting together. “A lot of companies are experimenting with lots of ways of doing this: telecommuting, flexible schedules, job shares, better part time opportunities. When these things are done right, they increase productivity, morale, it’s not just good for our health, it’s good for business. “
We believe employers should play a big part in this conversation. The Safe Motherhood Week Survey we are currently running tells us over “54% of women felt that pregnancy/motherhood have prevented them from advancing in the workplace”. We need to hear more from you to be able to change the situation for the better. Don’t forget to join the #Giveme5 Campaign and fill out the Survey today! Then share it with 5 other wonderful mothers and fathers you know. 
We need to lean in to parenting as a society, as a whole! #Giveme5.